Thanks to:

Malcolm Scott at Retrosnub, Doc Schneider at FSL, Steve Freegard at FSL, Steve Swaney at FSL, Laurent CARON, Joerg.Traeger, Panagiotis Christias, Roland Pelzer, Patrick Ben Koetter and Matt at mxuptime for their invaluable help in mirroring the signatures providing assistance.

Ian Castle, Martin Lathoud, Chris Pollock, Bob Hutchinson, Mike Cappella, Peter Bates, Christopher X. Candreva, Dennis Davis, Henrik, Gerard Seibert, Stephane Leclerc, James Brown, Nigel Frankcom, Shawnee, Thomas Raef, Goran Jovanovic and Bill Landry for the signature reports and encouragement

tBB for the SaneSecurity signature updater and his ClamAV build for windows;

All the ClamAV signature makers and the ClamAV Team

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