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SaneSecurity signatures are a culmination of hard work and commitment to provide Third-Party signatures to the web community that are of professional quality. Signatures are updated several times a day and our twitter page reflects that.

We are not a company… and producing the signatures and support for the signatures, are carried out in our spare time.

Personal Use: If you feel that you would like to give a donation for your use of these signatures, or just because you want to support us, please consider making a donation (we ask that you at least donate $20):

Commercial/ISP/Education/Government use: You can use the Sanesecurity signatures, however, it would be appreciated if you could make a donation (we ask that you at least donate $100)

Credit Card: If you have a credit card but don’t have a PayPal account you can still donate, by clicking on the PayPal donate button and just enter your credit card details.


If you wish to donate but need an invoice or need other payment methods, please contact me via email here:


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GnuPg Key:

The GnuPg key for verifying the signatures can be found here -or- here

Download Scripts


Windows Download Scripts
ClamWin/ClamAV Sigupdate 0.8 beta Author: Steve Basford

Download script for use with ClamWin/ClamAV to download distributed Sanesecurity signatures.

See readme.txt inside Zip file

Note download is currently on due to DropBox disabling the old download kink.

Main Download Area

Old Download Area

Latest Official Windows commandline builds



Please use the provided scripts where possible… and make sure that you double-check the cron job scheduling, as neither myself or the mirrors will appreciate signatures being downloaded, every second.

The mirrors reserve the right to block your IP address, if you are downloading too many times per hour or are abusing their servers/bandwidth in any way.

If the download service is abused, the public rsync mirrors will be moved to a password only service, with only people that have donated receiving the password to let them access the mirrors.


Whilst every effort has been made by Sanesecurity to ensure that the signatures don’t lead to false positives, we make no warranty that the signatures will meet your requirements, be uninterrupted, complete, timely, secure or error free. You must therefore use them at your own risk.

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