Sanesecurity produces add-ons signatures to help improve the ClamAV detection rate on Zero-Day malware and even on Zero-Hour malware.

Since 2006 we have provided professional quality ClamAV signatures to protect against the following email types:

Macro malware, Zip malware, Rar malware, Javascript malware, 7z malware, Phishing, Spear phishing and other types of common emailed malware and spam.

Sanesecurity 3rd Party ClamAV signatures can also help prevent TeslaCrypt, Cryptowall, Cryptolocker and other ransomware, who’s source usually starts as a malicious email.

Signatures are updated every hour and and our twitter page reflects that.

While our 3rd Party “competitor” has 1 million plus ClamAV signatures, Sanesecurity signatures users have
reported much higher detection rates and use less resources than SecuriteInfo signatures – due to Sanesecurity only using necessary and current signatures.

spare time.

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Improve the detection rate up to 90% of Clamav antivirus by adding Sanesecurity clamav signatures

Improve the detection rate up to 90% of Clamav antivirus by adding Sanesecurity ClamAV signatures. Help block 0-day macro malware and JavaScript malware with Foxhole databases we can improve this even more.

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Foxhole databases

Zero hour (0hr) emailed malware has always been an issue. There are various ways of blocking dangerous attachments within zip files, such as Mailscanner/SpamAssassin/Postfix, however ClamAV can also be used to block these attachments which in some environments may be useful. Foxhole databases use the .cdb extension which uses the ClamAV engine to look inside …

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Sanesecurity who?

Since 2006, SaneSecurity have provided ClamAV Third-Party signatures to the web community that are of professional quality. While we produce and distribute these signatures free of change, we rely on donations to pay for hosting costs and our time.

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Other Third Party ClamAV signatures

Sanesecurity also distribute other Third Party signatures such as Winnow, Bofhland, porcupine and ScamNailer. All these signatures help improve ClamAV detection rate and help keep you malware free.

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